Written in 2011 by Linda Lockwood.  Video recorded in 2014.


Why do good memories have to hurt?
When we attempt to reminisce
Nostalgia becomes grief
Why do we long for good times past
When indeed we do not know what good’s to come?
Forgetting lasts for only so long
‘Til the waves of yesterday wash us in dreams
Denial discloses our fear
As it manifests in our dishonesty
Why is happiness so hard to keep?
When we try so hard to attain it
Once caught, it slips away
Why do we smile when we are sad?
Is simulating bliss a suitable relief?
Feigning is an emptiness disguised
A coping way to seal the wounded heart
Bleeding is how we feel alive
Even though we heal we still hurt
Why do we pursue dreams without knowing our fate?
Is belief enough to encourage us to try our luck?
Why do we desire so much and fail
To reflect on what we have with gratitude
Wistful longing is what roots us in the past
A blindfold on our eyes, depriving us from hope
Inspiration radiates when we diverge
Toward the the lighted path of destiny

Copyright © May 2011 Mage Lockwood / Mage Music / Mad Metal Mage. All Rights Reserved.