profile_pic_17oct15I call myself Mage.  The internet screen name I used as a child was madmetalmage, so I stuck with that as the URL for my website and shortened my stage name to Mage.

I am originally from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada and graduated from Vancouver Island University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies.  At VIU I majored in guitar and minored in vocals.  My studies involved various aspects of music such as performance, composition, theory, studio recording, history, teaching, and career development.  Prior to my university studies I was heavily involved in music with participation that ranged from jazz festivals with my schools to both regional and national songwriting competitions as well as examinations and recitals for the Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada.  In 2003 I received second place in the Canada Music Week Writing Competition for my song “Flower of Lies.”

In 2009 after having completed my studies I moved to Vancouver, Canada where I was involved in a few musical projects.  In 2010 I wrote and recorded some music with Zeal.  In 2013 I produced, wrote parts, and provided bass, keyboards, and backing vocals to the song “Enter the Flames” by Flames Ov Gehenna.  I continued writing music and have made it available for streaming at my Soundcloud, MySpace, and YouTube.

In 2014 I relocated to Los Angeles, CA where I continue to pursue composition.  In May 2017 I completed my studies at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) as an MFA Performer-Composer.

My instruments are guitar, piano, bass, and vocals.  I enjoy writing a variety of music including but not limited to jazz, contemporary, and heavy metal.

Listed below are some examples of my works:

  • Dr. 57” – Written by Mage in 2008.  Live recording of  2009 performance at Vancouver Island University.  Personnel credits: Mage/Linda Lockwood (guitar), Ken Lister (bass), Buff Allen(drums), James Darling (Rhodes)
  • Take the Sun”  – A jazz ballad I wrote in January 2009 as recorded in June 2009 featuring Arvon Brunt on vocals.  Personnel credits: Linda Lockwood (guitar), Arvon Brunt (vocals), Ken Lister (bass), Buff Allen (drums)–Click here for another version of “Take the Sun” on video.
  • Battle, Rejoice, Remorse” – Composition for a percussion ensemble written by Mage in May 2007.  This is not a recording; the parts are played using Kontakt Player, but it is intended to be performed with real instruments.
  • Waiting for What?” –Written by Mage in 2007.  A big band chart intended to be played by a grade 9 group.  Again these parts are played using Kontakt.
  • Sonata in G Minor” – Written by Mage in 2005.  A sonata of theme and variations written for piano.
  • Harbour’s Wings” – Written by Mage in 2009.  Fast latin tune. Live Performance Personnel credits: Linda Lockwood (guitar), Dave McGarry (a. sax), Ken Lister(bass), Buff Allen (drums), Alli Devenish (piano).  Copyright © 2009 Linda Lockwood o/a Mad Metal Mage. All Rights Reserved.
  • Disobey the Silence” – Written by Mage, Gerald Leong, and Bart Brudzinski in 2010 for the project Zeal.  Produced by Mage.  Heavy metal song.
  • In a Wrath” – Written by Mage and Gerald Leong in 2011 for the project Zeal.  Produced by Mage. Heavy metal song.
  • Wistful” – Written in 2011 by Linda Lockwood.  Video recorded in 2014.
  • Enter the Flames” – Written by Michael Benton, Bart Brudzinski, and Mage in 2013.  Produced by Mage.

Older works:

  • Mage’s Revenge” – Written and produced by Mage.  One of my early works written in 2002 and recorded in 2004. This is a metal instrumental featuring odd meters.
  • Nothing to Me” – Written and produced by Mage.  Another early work written in 2002 and recorded in 2007.
  • Disheveled Conformity” – Written by Mage in 2007.  12-tone piece for five parts.  The audio sample is NOT a recording; it is the output of the notation software Sibelius.
  • Sorry, No Win” – Written by Mage in 2007.  Aleatoric piece written using the numbers on a scratch and win ticket.  The audio sample is NOT a recording; it is the output of the notation software Sibelius.
  • Shedding the Ashes” – Written and recorded by Mage in 2008 for a video project.
  • Nowhere” – Written and produced by Mage.   Recorded in 2008.  Piano part was written in 2006 before the piece was recorded.

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